Livingston, Texas

Registered Savanna GoatsĀ 
Registered Myotonic Goats
Show Quality Commercial Crosses

Some pics of our herd

New Arrivals - Spring 2017

Registered Myotonic Breeding Stock
  1. Wolf River Sadie
    Wolf River Sadie
    Sadie the daughter of WR Cee Money and WR Jenny.
  2. Wolf River CM Candy
    Wolf River CM Candy
    Candy is also a daughter of Permanent Grand Champion WR Cee Money. Her Dam is SL Hot Candy.
  3. Bully Hills Lillie
    Bully Hills Lillie
    Lillie is a daughter of Minyards Nitro RPM and CH Daisy.
  4. Shrek
    SL Superman Money (aka Shrek) is our current herd buck. He is son of SL Blackjack Bill & SL Yellow Girl.

Registered Savanna Breeding Stock
  1. Stan - JDJ F48
    Stan - JDJ F48
    Stan is going to be our Savanna herd sire. He was born in November 2016.
  2. Thelma - 4C Z13
    Thelma - 4C Z13
    Thelma is our oldest fullblood Savanna. She was born in February 2010.
  3. Louise - JDJ D43
    Louise - JDJ D43
    Louise is Thelma's daughter. She was born in May 2014.